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Car Tax Calculator

Its a question we get asked alot, "What is Compnay Car Tax?" and for those in the know, "How do I Calculate my Car Tax?"

Well Car Lease Special Offers is here to help with our simple and easy Company Car Calculator. Simply enter your P11d value of your car, the Co2 of that car and your tax band and our handy tool will help you get a estimated cost of what your car tax is. 

What is Company Car Tax?

If a company car is supplied as part of your employment, and if you are able to use it for personal transport outside of work, then it becomes a taxable perk, this is also known as a "Benefit in Kind" Tax or BIK.

The reason that this is taxed is that HMRC see a company car that is paid for you as an addition to your income and as is the case on all your income, tax is due on it.

What Effects My Company Car Tax? 

Three elements effect your company car tax. 1, the P11d value of the car. This is the taxable value of your car including options, but this isn't the same as the purchase price as that normally has discounts (great discounts if you lease with us).

2, The Co2 of your car, the higher the Co2 the higher the tax is, this is so that companies and their drivers choose more enviromentally friendly cars and driver the Co2's caused by vehicles on teh road down.

3, Last but by no means least, your tax bracket effetcs how much car tax you pay. The more income you receive, the higher tax band you go into on your normal wages and because Company Cars are seen as an additonal income, the tax you pay on them is natually more.  

For an accurate quote on your copany car tax and how much this will cost you per month, please contact the sales on 0330 221 0000 or complete the below call back request and we will come back to you as quick as we can.

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